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Thomas Longoria-Turman, Owner

When I started the Turman Agency in 2018, my vision for the company was rooted in building an all-in-one resource; bringing together everything from designers, printers, web developers, public relations strategists, and brand advisors, all working cohesively to create a custom, specific and targeted strategy that fits each company individually for their needs, then be able to execute it. Now in 2024, we have expanded into two additional offices and hold a vast clientele in various parts of the US including Lubbock, Dallas, McKinney, Fredericksburg, Houston, Chicago & New York. We continue to look forward and expand our reach to more and more places while building up businesses big and small. 


Personalized Approach

the Turman Agency focuses on a dynamic and progressive business strategy built through custom framework to fit your business's needs.

Step Based Implementation 

the Turman Agency uses Step Based 

Implementation that allows for progressive results and return in each process. We pride ourselves on transparent and evident results in every step of the way to growing your business. 

A Model Built Around You

the Turman Agency, at its core, is structured to share in your growth and success. Our pricing model is made custom through step based implementation, which only applies after progressive results and effectiveness to the benefit and growth of your business.

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